What’s the fuss about learning styles? – Day 4

Brain Trust,

Dear BT,

My kids are so different; do I need to find different ways to teach them?

Learning Styles in Lincoln



Dear Learning from Lincoln,

I have five kids and am continually amazed at their differences. They each have their specific quirks, twitches and cowlicks. Yep, they are unique and weird, and I love (or at least appreciate) most all of it. So, even though I don’t doubt that there are a Heinz 57 of learning styles, I frankly don’t have time to cater to them. So, I try to expend my energy on passion. As I look back to some of the learning experiences that most shaped me, I realize those teachers didn’t know my “learning style,” yet their passion and joy over the subject matter is what ignited and changed me. Of course, every lesson will not be a passionate one, but hopefully our “joy to learn” as we teach our children is transferred to them. My goal is to pass on a true sense of wonder and discovery about this world we live in, which, I believe, can reach every learning style.

Love Dood

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