Typical Homeschool Day – Doodle

Typical Homeschool Day – Doodle

Brain Trust,

Dear Braintrust,

I’m curious….what does a typical day look like in your home-school?

~ Curious in Columbia



Dear Curious,

Ahh….the mother of all questions! This answer is going to be more varied than the ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins! But, I admit that I like to learn from others homeschool families. I have found that each family has to get their rhythm and their days of homeschooling take on a vibe that fits them and their family. What is Dad’s work schedule? What are the ages of your children? Do you do coops or outside activities? All of this factors into what your “typical” day looks like. I have found though, that for us, routine and schedule is important even though, I would like to be more fluid and relaxed. But, for me, I need a daily schedule.

The beauty of it is this: “my” schedule serves “my” purpose. I am not chained to it, but I do treat it fairly seriously. Here is a sample schedule for my elementary children:

8am – Kids wake and I whip up a simple breakfast. Kids listen to memory work.
8:30am – We get ready for the day and do some light chores (make beds, start laundry, clean kitchen etc)
9am- Bible and devotions
9:15am – Handwriting, cursive
9:30am – Math
10:30am – English Grammar/phonics
11:15am – History readers, Science
Noon – quick lunch break
12:30p- writing and finish up morning work
1:30p – individual readers
2p – piano practice


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