I’m too crabby to homeschool! – Day 4

Brain Trust,

I don’t think I have enough patience to homeschool….my kids drive me crazy, is this a problem?

Impatient Patty


Dear Patty,

Wow! The Brain Trust is knocking it out of the park. Bottom line: we live in a microwave, drive-thru, texting society (unless, of course, you live in a place like Southern Sudan…but, even there, cell towers are popping everywhere), and we don’t like to wait.

We want things, and we want them now. In the day of internet, information is ours within seconds. Downloaded music blares through your speakers instantly. Before your microwave popcorn is finished popping, you are underneath your snugglie watching your instantly-streamed movie.

How about children? We want them to obey instantly. We want them to be educated today. We want them to assimilate all of our instruction the first time through. We expect their character to be formed and tested yesterday. MBA and NFL scholarships tomorrow. We forget that things of substance take time. I find that I am the most impatient when my expectations are unrealistic or have somehow been disappointed. The work of training, educating, and loving our children is not completed in five minutes; it takes a lifetime. As you are building patience, you are building a legacy that will last and endure (long past your microwave popcorn).


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