I’m too crabby to homeschool! – Day 3

Brain Trust,

I don’t think I have enough patience to homeschool….my kids drive me crazy, is this a problem?

Impatient Patty



Dear Patty,

Raising children is the most sanctifying experience any of us will ever have. When I brought my oldest daughter home to educate, my biggest fear was that one of us wouldn’t survive the experiment. I was surprised to find that the more time we spent together, the more character development happened, for both of us! I was empowered by the ability to be more consistent in my correction. The impact of consistency was undeniable in our home. Now, after 5 years of home educating, it’s hard to remember that overwhelming sense of dread I had over the whole thing. My daughter has grown and matured, and so have I! Now, I still get annoyed from time to time, but I have learned to gather myself and be thankful for this grand experiment we call homeschooling.

Grace and Peace,

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