I’m too crabby to homeschool! – Day 1

Brain Trust,

I don’t think I have enough patience to homeschool….my kids drive me crazy, is this a problem?

Impatient Patty



Dear Patty,

I often hear people say this very thing, and I think it’s because people put patience in the same category as eye color or foot size. Here’s the good news – it’s not part of your genetic code! That saying, “patience is a virtue” is true, and since it’s a virtue, it can be developed over time when we commit ourselves to it. Lord knows (does He ever) that I’m imperfectly patient, but I’m better than I used to be. A couple of thoughts have helped me:

1. In the whole scheme of life, how do I want my kids to remember me as their mom and teacher? Red-faced and screaming, snorting like a Pamploma bull? Umm, not so much. So, when I feel myself becoming furious that my fourteenth stab at explaining the greatest common factor is an exercise in futility, I will often just quit. Yep, I quit sometimes. But I do come back later. When I’ve had a chance to think, pray, and eat chocolate, I’ll often have a new trick in my bag o’tricks. Bottom line: keep a long-term perspective and consider that they’ll remember not just what you’ve taught them, but how you taught them.

2. Later, you’ll probably laugh about this catastrophe that is trying your patience, so why not laugh about it right now? Seriously – just move yourself forward in time – it sometimes works!

Peace be with you!

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