Hubby’s Role – Day 4

Brain Trust,

What is the role of your husband in your homeschool?

The Mrs.


John and guitar
Dear Mrs.,

I think the issue of husbands in homeschooling prompts a lot of “the grass is greener” sort of thinking. I’ve observed that moms with very involved husbands often wish their husbands would butt out, and moms with hands-off dads wish they could have more help. These poor guys can’t seem to make us happy!

Like many of you, I used to be a career girl, and I ultimately gave up my career because I didn’t feel like I could raise my kids well because my career consumed my time, energy, and creativity. Consequently, I try not to unfairly burden my husband with the same expectations that I wasn’t able to pull off myself. A division of labor seems to work well in our household: I try to shoulder the majority of the homeschooling so that he can focus on his demanding career. I’m grateful that his hard work funds our homeschooling life.

One word of caution, here (and I’m really lecturing myself on this point): don’t become so autonomous that your husband feels left out. Ask him for his opinions – he will have great insights into the personality dynamics and quirks of the family members, yet he may be reluctant to offer his opinion unless asked. Also, ask the kids to tell their dad what they are learning. Not only is the War of 1812 a scintillating dinner table discussion in its own right, it will keep Dad connected to your homeschooling lives – everyone wins!

Peace be with you,

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