Hubby’s Role – Day 3

Brain Trust,

What is the role of your husband in your homeschool?

The Mrs.



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Dear Mrs.,

If Snow were my wife and the mother of my children, I would be on a very long Carribbean cruise. Snow, when can I drop off the kids? And Bull? What are your discounted rates?

Each homeschool family has their own personality and dynamics. I am inspired by them all. Really, is it not amazing that these men all over the nation trust their wives and themselves to educate their children? It really is a call and sense of something much greater than probably any of us realize. I could not homeschool without the encouragement and support of my husband. His conviction has kept me trudging forward. He has never once asked about curriculum or our scope and sequence. But, on the other side, I have friends whose husbands are very involved in all of those decisions. So, each family needs to find their groove, and relax, knowing that they will find their way. Here are some pointers to include hubby:

1. Communicate. When I am overloaded or feel overwhelmed, I have learned that it’s not my husband’s responsibility to right all of the wrongs. He is my husband, not my saviour. (That’s where good girlfriends come in handy). But on the other hand, I also have learned to wave the “white flag” when I need some reinforcement. My guy is the first one to come to my aid and bring encouragement. He is a great sounding board and sometimes just having someone who has a vested interest is all I need.

2. Decisions. With our homeschooling, I do the research and have basically figured out what I want to do regarding curriculums, but I work to include my husband before making a major decision. This helps. This helps a lot. Two are better than one. And when the going gets tough, you have the moral support of each other. You are a united force in front of your children. Even if you make a wrong decision, at least you are making it together.

3. Older kids. As my kids have entered middle school and high school years, my husband helps in math, science and editing papers. My logical reasoning: I was an Art Major. He studied Biology and Chemistry. A match made in heaven!

Bottom line: like marriage, there’s no “perfect” arrangement; every family just has to find their own path.


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