Hubby’s Role – Day 2

Brain Trust,

What is the role of your husband in your homeschool?

The Mrs.



Daddy drying hair

Dear Mrs.,

Bull makes me laugh… Some of my friends have husbands who are very involved in the curriculum choices, the daily schedule, the extra curricular choices…..the whole thing. That’s not my life. My sweet man has said time and time again that he trusts me to make the decisions about all of those things since I’m the one who is immersed in the homeschool world. Sometimes, I go to him when I am weighing options, but for the most part, we just tell him what all is going on. Like Bull, he is our “Principal.” This is an honorary title more than a functioning role. My girls threaten one another with “telling the Principal” more than I ever have. For that reason, it seems effective! If I had to sum up his role in one word, it is “CHEERLEADER,” and his vote of confidence keeps me going some days.

Grace and peace,

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