How do you people do it all? – Hyacinth

Brain Trust,

I need to know how veteran homeschool mamas do it all: schooling, groceries, house chores, keep order, and still have energy past 3pm? Help!

Needing a nap,


Dear Tired,
Oh, this is an easy one……here’s the good news: we’re not doing it all!For me, I’ve maintained my sanity by letting my standards slide a bit. Try it – it’s liberating! In general, I never shortchange the schoolwork, but I’ll let the dust bunnies run amok (I’m building strong immune systems around here). I have a few non-negotiable priorities that help me maintain my sanity: I like to keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean, my bed made, and the dining room table clear. If those things are done, the house doesn’t seem like a complete disaster.Though I have my kids do a few chores around the house, I’m not very systematic, I must confess.
It’s an area in which I could use some help, so I’m going to stay tuned for this week’s posts myself. The other members of Dear Brain Trust run well-oiled machines – weigh in, Brain Trust!

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