How do you people do it all? – Day 4

Brain Trust,

I need to know how veteran homeschool mamas do it all: schooling, groceries, house chores, keep order, and still have energy past 3pm? Help!

Needing a nap,



Dear Tired,

Excellent advice by my partners in crime, but here’s my modus operandi: Which items on the list can be accomplished by family members?


I’ve found that shirking as much responsibility as possible keeps me sane. Start with your least favorite job (cleaning toilets) and continue farming them out (cooking) until you get to a manageable load. I call this “school service” and give credit as an elective on the transcripts. You’ve got to work smarter, not harder, or you’ll never get to the veteran stage of home-education.


Read what Bull’s “partners in crime” said earlier this week:


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