How do you people do it all? – Day 3

How do you people do it all? – Day 3

Brain Trust,

I need to know how veteran homeschool mamas do it all: schooling, groceries, house chores, keep order, and still have energy past 3pm? Help!

Needing a nap,


Dear Tired,
This is one of the most common questions I have heard discussed among all my fellow homeschooling parents. We are all trying to continually improve our juggling act, and often, when we have hit a good stride, something happens to change it! Children enter a new stage of development, the dance schedule for the year is completely different than last year, the day your trash comes changes… you name it, it can change!The best thing I can suggest is to put some systems in place that help you manage and maintain a routine. You are now hearing a common theme from all of us… Your standard or ideal will need to be flexible depending on what you have going on academically, and in your “outside the house” schedule. Flexibility is probably the best advice any of us could give!I use some outside resources to help me stay on top of chores. My favorite is called “Motivated Moms.” You can pay for and download a daily schedule for chores. I love it because it rotates through every imaginable house maintenance chore from daily things, to things you never think about. I like that it’s laid out for me, that it is a “no brainer” thing for me. You can find that at

The second thing I do is to include my kids in the effort. It is not only important training for their future, but it reinforces the truth that our little family community is in this together. It’s never a one against all thing! Every morning, we write out on our giant white board each of our tasks for the day. This includes morning chores, academic subjects, afternoon chores, & scheduled events. I actually put my list up there along with my girls’ lists. It always helps them to see what the rest of their “community” has going on.
I trained my girls in chores as soon as they could walk. There is something psychologically satisfying to them being a part of the larger effort, even if it is a small thing!

Grace and Peace,

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