Cast Of Characters

Bull (aka Linda)

Friends describe her as “abrasive and combative,” but somehow she makes that seem charming. Former gym owner turned homeschooling mom. Two kids and one long-suffering husband. They sold the gym, sold the boat, sold OUT and now teaching her kids is a blood-thirsty sport worthy of an Olympic medal.

Bull’s Polyvore

Doodle (aka Kim)

Her sense of adventure has led her to eat slugs in Vietnam and fried crickets in Myanmar in her travels with her techie, missionary husband. A former ad exec, she needed a creative project to sink her teeth into, so she’s currently sinking her teeth into math flashcards. Five children have sprung forth from her expansive womb.

Doodle’s Polyvore

Snow (aka Dree)

The young ‘un of the Brain Trust. The rest of the Trust resents the suppleness of her youthful joints, but they can’t help but be wowed by her wisdom. Plus, she makes them eggplant parmigiana from her homegrown eggplant, tomatoes, and basil, and they forget that she’s got 15 years less wrinkles than they do. They call her “Snow” because she’s pure like that. They can’t seem to figure out that she has 2 children by her big, strappin’ husband, so she’s probably not as virginal as they like to imagine.

Snow’s Polyvore

Hyacinth (aka Cyndi)

Pretty sure life’s a big divine joke. She thought she’d have one, well-mannered child; God decided she needed four lively ones. She thought she’d live in the Big Apple or the Big Easy; God decided she needed a town of 3800. She and the Pioneer Woman make their own fun by throwing capers into pasta for their school lunch menu. She’s come to appreciate God’s sense of humor, as long as she can find brie cheese at the local IGA.

Hy’s Polyvore