Burnout – Hyacinth

Burnout – Hyacinth

Brain Trust,

Dear Brain Trust,

I have home-schooled forever and I feel myself burning out, what do I do?



Burnout – Bull

Burnout – Snow


Dear Embers,

Sometimes, when I long for a different life (one filled with lunches with friends, pedicures, and shopping trips – ha!), I slap myself around a little bit and project myself into the life of a career woman. Generally, I wouldn’t trade even my burned-out life with the stress of trying to juggle the demands of a career with the pull of motherhood. I don’t know how those career women do it, and they remind me that even though I might feel burned out, I at least have the luxury of focusing entirely on the children God entrusted me with.

Sometimes, though, I still can’t convince myself that homeschooling is the above-mentioned “luxury.” That’s when I start playing the faith card with myself :) . I remind myself that this call to homeschool is not just another one of my optional ideas, but a serious call from God, not to be ignored. When that doesn’t work, and I’m really feeling sorry for myself, I play the ultimate trump card and hold my piddly little sacrifice of homeschooling up to the Lord’s sacrifice and say to myself, “Hy, do you think Jesus really wanted to die on that cross? Buck up and suck up!”

Hope this helps, Embers. We have all felt the “glow” of burnout, and it isn’t rosy!

Peace be with you,

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